Every day, millions of women are entering menopause or peri-menopause. Peri-menopause is the 8-10 year period of hormonal change for a woman before she is actually considered menopausal. In order for a woman to be considered menopausal, it will have been 12 months since her last menstrual period. After this 12 month period without menstruation, a woman is no longer considered fertile, and is thus considered postmenopausal. For decades these natural processes of aging were treated almost as a rite of passage for women. Diminished libido, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and even cardiovascular issues were all chalked up to the “natural” aging process. Women were told that these horrific symptoms were normal, and there was nothing to be done. But what if it doesn’t have to be the norm? What if there was a way for women to return to their normal selves, or better yet, bypass the symptoms of menopause completely.Menopause

Turns out, there is! Every year hundreds of thousands of women turn to hormone replacement for relief of their menopausal symptoms. But is all hormone replacement created equal? The answer is no. In fact, many forms of hormone replacement have been proven to cause side effects such as weight gain, or even certain forms of hormonal cancers, giving all hormone replacement therapy a bad rap. The good news is, however, that there is a form of hormone replacement therapy which if given correctly, under the supervision of an experienced physician, poses little to no risk to the patient, while relieving the signs and symptoms of menopause. Bio-identical hormone replacement has been around since the 1950’s

However it has truly only grown in popularity over the last 10-20 years. Bio-identical hormone replacement offers relief for millions of women annually all over the world. Menopause and the symptoms attributed to it occur due to a decrease in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone (YES TESTOSTERONE) in women. When estrogen and progesterone levels are diminished, symptoms such as hot flashes, low sex drive, painful intercourse, fine lines and wrinkles, weight gain, depression, sleep disturbance, anxiety , fatigue, night sweats, and even cardiovascular disease occur. These are the signs and symptoms most commonly associated with menopause, however, often the signs of decreased testosterone levels in women are more often overlooked.

As a woman ages, her testosterone decreases, especially after bearing children. In fact each time a woman has a child, her testosterone level diminishes by up to 15%. These low testosterone levels are responsible for decreased focus, muscle tone, weight maintenance, sex drive, energy levels, vaginal dryness, and overall feeling of well-being. Here at LifeXL , before starting any patient on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we take a fully comprehensive look at their labs to determine what each specific patient needs according to their personal deficiencies. No two patients are ever treated the same. This is crucial in the correct balancing of female hormones. After determining each patient’s unique hormonal needs, we can then create a highly personalized bio-identical hormone replacement plan for the patient, including what bio-identical hormones are needed, the mode of delivery preferred, and the duration of each therapy .


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