Medical Weightloss

While there are a number of HCG Diet protocols on the market now, the injection form is still referenced as the most successful for long term weight loss Sarasota. How does it work? In the past, this could be answered simply by referencing Dr. Simeons original hCG Diet manuscript. Dr Simeons specified an exact dose of daily HCG diet injections, how to inject them, and where. Times have changed however, and now, Doctors & medical specialists have come to modify the protocol based on what they feel comfortable with as well as the individual needs of their patients. The basic idea is that HCG mimics luteinizing hormone in the body, causing fat to be burned and metabolism to be sped up, while sparing any loss of muscle , even while on the low calorie portion of the diet.

Much of what Dr. Simeons published however, is still used as basic guidelines for the protocol. We have developed a highly detailed protocol here at LifeXL that addresses the most frequently asked questions and areas of difficulty for the patient. For example, the use of high quality, pharmaceutical HCG that must arrive in powder form and mixed at the start of the patient’s diet. Here at LifeXL, we use trusted compounding pharmacy’s with only the best reputation, licensure, and efficacy. (This could be mixed by the individual or taken to a compounding pharmacy to be mixed by a medical professional.) The HCG must be refrigerated to maintain potency and must be replaced after 3 to 4 weeks. This is why here at LifeXL, we have the medication compounded specifically for the patient. Should the injection mixture be left out of the fridge for extended periods of time, or go unused after the 3 to 4 week period, the viability can be questioned.

HCG of weakened potency has been shown to result in the patient experiencing hunger, headaches, and weight loss plateaus until the mixture is replaced with a fresh batch of HCG.

The benefits of HCG Diet Injections over HCG Diet Drops, Pellets, and Sprays.

According to Dr. Emma, a frequent guest of Dr. Oz and expert on the HCG Diet, the injection form of HCG is the most viable, as it enters and works within the bloodstream. According to her research, minimal amounts of the drops and pellets actually showed in the blood stream after injection. Sprays did not show up in the blood stream at all, and therefore are suspected to be the least effective in helping the body to shed weight. While we still have the options available for our patients with severe fear of needled, even our most apprehensive patients find that they are able to tolerate the HCG injection process. Feel ease in knowing that our caring, knowledgeable staff will be there to guide you every step of the way!