IV Therapy

56fba2744de0b_thumb900IV therapy Treatment is perhaps one of the beneficial aspects of functional and regenerative medicine. It is a long accepted idea in the medical community that an overwhelming number of patients with various medical conditions can benefit from IV hydration and fluids. Here at LifeXL, we go beyond just hydration, tailoring IV protocols that are specific to the needs of our patients. With revolutionary blood tests, we can identify the specific deficiencies of our individual patients, and create IV cocktails that are rich in the vitamins and minerals specific to that patient.

This is crucial for maximizing the efficacy of each patient’s IV experience and treatment, seeing as no two patients are the same in their deficiencies, symptoms, and needs. Here at LifeXL, we also offer the tried and true intravenous therapies that have been relieving patients in regenerative medicine practices for decades. Therapies such as hydrogen peroxide, bioactive silver hydrosol, both high and low dose Myers Cocktail, Super Immune therapy, Oxidative Stress formulations, glutathione, chelation, PlaqueX, and high dose vitamin C therapy for cancer support and antiviral therapy. Together these therapies offer supportive care in a barrage of illnesses and conditions. Conditions such as COPD, autoimmune diseases, both chronic and acute viral illness, bacterial illness/infections, hypertension, inflammation, dysmetabolic syndrome, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, dehydration, gastritis, detoxification for liver enzyme elevation and fatty liver disease, high cholesterol and plaque, heavy metal burden, and hundreds of other conditions.

Many of these therapies can be done in less than 30 minutes, making them an ideal choice for even our busiest patients. We conveniently offer walk in appointments for almost all of our IV therapy treatments, and you can rest assured that your treatment will ALWAYS be monitored by our Nurse Practitioner or Medical Director, and preformed from our highly trained and experienced clinical staff. Call today and let us “hook you up” at LifeXL!